Water Source editorial guidelines

Water Source aims to inform, inspire and engage Australian Water Association (AWA) members and the
general public.

To make a submission to Water Source, email news@awa.asn.au

In order to be considered for inclusion in Water Source, any submitted content or article suggestion must
meet the following criteria:

Offers insight and drives the industry forward

  • Is it topical news? Is it future shaping and thought provoking? Will it teach our community
    something they may not already know? Will it inspire action? Does it inform on new
    directions and innovations in the industry?

Engages a diverse audience

  • Water Source aims to be a leading source of content and an authority on water
    management and the water industry. Therefore the content must appeal to anyone who
    has an interest in the world of water, including current AWA members, potential
    members, industry decision makers and the general public.

Fits the WaterSource tone and style

  • Content should be written in an engaging manner. Technical information is welcome but
    should be presented in a conversational tone.
  • Word count: approximately 300-700 words.
  • The WaterSource editorial team may edit contributed pieces for grammar, tone and style.

Aligns to a WaterSource category

  • Content should fit into one of WaterSource’s key categories: Environment, Technology,
    Community or Business.

Good quality supporting material

  • High resolution images that help illustrate the article are welcome. Please supply these in
    .jpg format no less than 1200px wide. Images in landscape are preferable.
  • Please provide an image credit if necessary.

Non-promotional content

  • WaterSource does not run content that overtly promotes companies or products. This
    falls under paid content and will need to be discussed with the Water Source ad sales

Technical papers

  • Water Source publishes peer-reviewed technical papers that have been submitted to the
    Australian Water Association. For more information about technical papers, email