Frequently asked questions

What is Water Source?

Water Source was created by the Australian Water Association to provide members and the public with a single destination for water-related content. It’s designed to be easily searchable so that you can find all the information we’ve created or curated around the topic you’re looking for. This could be in the form of an article, technical paper, or feature story from our Current magazine.

Who is the Australian Water Association?

We are Australia’s biggest water network promoting sustainable water management and connecting our members through three core principles: information, networking and recognition. Our membership is broadly-based and multi-disciplinary, covering the entire water cycle and associated industries including professionals and practitioners working in utilities, science, research and academia, energy and resources, manufacturing and agriculture, just to name a few.

We run state and national events for the water sector and we have several programs that our members can get involved in including an international program, awards program and the specialist networks. Visit our website to find out more about how you or your organisation can get involved.

What can I find on Water Source?

You’ll find articles, technical papers and feature stories from our magazine, Current. Some of the articles will have related podcasts and videos within the pages so you can learn more about that topic.

What do the four topics at the top of Water Source mean?

Water Source has been categorised into four key topics so that it’s easy for you to find the information you’re looking for and easy for us to categorise the content we’re publishing.

Each category has its own sub-categories:

  • Technology: Innovation, Research, Trends
  • Community: Customers, Engagement, Public Health
  • Environment: Built Environment, Natural Environment
  • Business: Assets & Operations, Partnerships, Workplace, Diversity

Clicking on any of these key categories or sub-categories will take you to a landing page with all articles, technical papers and feature stories related to that topic.

What can I find on the Water Source homepage?

The Water Source homepage is split up into four different sections:

  • Five feature articles at the top – these are a mix of articles from each category and stories from our latest Current magazine
  • Latest news stories below – these update daily as new stories are published
  • Trending news stories to the right of latest news – this section updates automatically based on the most-read articles on the website
  • Technical Papers down the bottom – these are a selection of technical papers from the Association’s Water e-Journal

How do I get back to the homepage when I’m on any other page?

Simply click the “Water Source” logo to navigate back to the homepage.

How does the search function work on Water Source?

Each piece of content is categorised and tagged with keywords so that it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Simply type a word in the search bar to see a short list of results. The first results will be tags, followed by articles and technical papers. To see all the results, click “view all results” to take you to a full listing. You can also search for a “podcast”, “video” or “technical paper” using the search function.

How can I find more related articles to the one I’m reading?

At the bottom of your article page you’ll find a section called “Related Posts” which will give you some more articles about that topic. Or you can try clicking on one of the tags after the last sentence of the article. A page will come up with all the articles that have been tagged with that word, i.e. virtual reality.

How can I submit an article to be published on Water Source?

The Australian Water Association’s members and partners are invited to submit articles for review by the editorial team. These should not be sales pitches or product releases. They can include media releases which will be submitted to our editor and used as the basis for an article. Please take a look at our editorial submission guidelines for more detailed information on how to share your news or information on Water Source. Send your submissions to with the subject line “Water Source submission” to ensure it gets read by the editorial team.

How do I comment on an article?

To comment on an article, you will need to create an account using the Disqus function. Please note that any comments of an abusive, negative, spammy nature will not be approved by the moderator. The comment function is to allow for intelligent discussion around the topic.

How do I share an article on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Each article has buttons for you to share the article on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. You’ll have to be logged in to your social media accounts to be able to share the article on those platforms. You can also click the grey arrow to reveal share buttons for email (orange button), Pinterest (red button) and WhatsApp (green button).

How can I receive more information from the Australian Water Association?

You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter by filling out the submission form on the homepage. Scroll down until you reach the form on the right-hand side or scroll down to the very bottom and fill out the form there. All we need is your name and email (job title not mandatory).